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How to convert old pond into sandpit?

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How to convert old pond into sandpit?


Hi I’m wanting to turn this into a sandpit for the kids, the bricks along the old fish pond are cement in. 
what can I use to make it softer and how do I turn this into sandpit

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Bunnings Team Member

Re: How to convert old pond into sandpit?

Welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community @lanadelly123. It's wonderful to have you join us, and many thanks for your question about turning a fish pond into a sandpit.


You might like to take a look at the soft fall mats and wet pour rubber surfacing we have. You could leave the bricks in place and cut the matting down to then be glued to the top of the brick. Alternatively, you could coat the brick with pourable surfacing. Another idea might be to get a sheet of marine-grade plywood, transfer the brick's shape onto it, and cut out the pattern. This could then be placed over the bricks to give them a flat surface. The interior of the cutout could be used as a lid for the sandpit.


Remember, you'll need to place some holes in the pond to drain off the water so it doesn't fill up.


Let me mention @Dave-1 to see if they have any thoughts.




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Re: How to convert old pond into sandpit?

Good Morning @lanadelly123 

Sorry I didnt see this post earlier.  I had a sand pit when I was a kid (was a pile of sand in the corner of the yard) and loved it!

This being a former pond you may need to put in some drainage if the sand gets wet via rain or making dams :smile: Do you know what is under the pond liner? If its sand you could put some holes in the base so it can drain if wet.


I had a look at @MitchellMc's suggestion of the pourable/moldable rubber and I like the look of that. 

You could place a bunch of small groundcover type pot plants (2-3 deep) around 3/4's of the edge leaving one point open for access to the sandpit? You could even try the rubber at that point? 

Have you considered what to put over the pit when its not being used overnight? A sheet of Marine ply that you and the sandpits users could paint might be an idea (Little hands pattened over the top of the timber like a cave rock art?

I cant think of any material that you could ramp up to the edge that would stay in place. 


Going from past experience removing the bricks that are in concrete may only need a hammer,cold chisel and a few sharp blows. They do look like they are supporting the pond liner tho.

Will keep thinkinging about ideas.

Hope you come up with something, sandpits are always fun!



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