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How to cover between pergola and Colorbond fence

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How to cover between pergola and Colorbond fence

Hi I want to cover the space between pergola and neighor fence to avoind sun and wind would like to know what are the options I have. Distance between pergola and fence abount 120cm which is not straight drop I need some thing awning. and the length abount 1500cm. I am not looking any expensive and looking for DIY.


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Re: Cover between pergola and colourbond fence

Thanks for joining in the discussion on Workshop @Jay2020. I trust our ever-helpful members will have some suggestions for you.


Do you have any wider shots of the pergola and the surrounding area? It just might help members get a better idea of what you are working with. 


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Re: Cover between pergola and colourbond fence

@Jay2020 Welcome to the Workshop community!

Perhaps something like this  Windoware Awning , it is 1.5m wide which would suit your length nicely. It would provide you shade and also assist with the wind.

Alternatively we could look at something else, though the barbed wire may need to be shifted slighty if we are going to fix to the fence.


Have you considered Bistro blinds at all?

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Re: Cover between pergola and colourbond fence

Thanks Mitchellm,


I had a look at the Bistro blinds, but they don't fit in my 1.2m wide. Do you know wether it comes with 1.5m wide or shorter? I will have a look at the Windoware awaning as well.


Re: Cover between pergola and colourbond fence


Re: Cover between pergola and colourbond fence

Please see the attached photo.




Re: Cover between pergola and colourbond fence


Hello @Jay2020  -  I have seen a great many folk in my area DUBBO NSW, (where it gets super hot, dry and very windy), put Shade cloth stretched between and over frames, some timber, some aluminium/colourbond frames - which go from the fascia to the fence. Which creates shade, privacy to some extent and a bit of a wind break.


Myself I put up lattice and in the process of growing Climbing roses on two, on the south side I have Happy wander vine and other vines I can't think of off the top of my head now. Raspberries on another, a Snail vine and Passion fruit on another trellis which I've made out of steel mesh, which was cheaper and plants grow up it just the same.  * Oh and also look for some of the wonderful Australian native vines.  This article which appears in the latest Better Homes and Gardens Mag, which you can always pick up at Bunnings, may also help

All of my climbers are doing amazing and my neighbors have even commented how lovely some of them look.  


@Jay2020  If you do choose lattice/steel mesh and plants, climbing plants that is, make sure they are suited to your area and the position you plan to put them in or you will only be disappointed when they don't make it, also bear in mind that if you are planting new plants at this time of year you will have to keep the water up to them for the first 12 weeks of life, (and possibly shade) then most of them are pretty self sufficient with the normal watering of your gardens.


Sorry if I've waffled.  Old age I tend to do that..  I call it Old Timers..


Old Gal  :smile:

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