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How to create a temporary path to the front door?

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How to create a temporary path to the front door?

So the surrounds of our dream house are slowly becoming a mud-pit with this recent Melbourne rain.

We have plans for landscaping and driveway work, but in the meantime, I'm looking for some quick fix ideas to, well, allow my family to come into the house without bringing the mud in!

Looking for some short term tips for the side of the driveway and steps/path to the front door:



even wood slats to reduce slippage. 

Happy to try anything (that doesn't cost too much), because it's just going to be a temporary thing until we get the area done-up properly.

Thanks everyone


.side of the drivewayside of the drivewaypath/steps leading from the drive to the front doorpath/steps leading from the drive to the front door

Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: How to create a temporary path to the front door?

Hi @bengroll,


Not sure if this is the best idea, but one of my neighbours is in the same position and last week laid down a roll of artificial turf to create a temporary path to their front door. They've used bricks along the edge to hold it down but you could also secure with turf pegs or weed mat pins.


Let me tag @EricL for his thoughts. 




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Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: How to create a temporary path to the front door?

Hello @bengroll


I'm sorry to hear that your front door path is turning to mud and getting dragged into the house. I see that some rudimentary stairs have been carved out of the soil. I suggest carving more steps going down towards the bottom of the driveway. 


With the steps carved out, I recommend putting down some  Brighton Masonry 400 x 200 x 50mm Charcoal Mypave Paver for each step you've carved out. Each paver at the moment will cost you $3.65 and I estimate a minimum of at least 26 steps with three pavers serving as a landing to turn to the wooden stairs and three more to serve as a landing for the front of the stairs itself. These temporary stairs will come to a total of $102.20. If the rains continue you'll have to re-level the bottom of the pavers every now and then to prevent them from tilting. 


When you reach the top of the timber stairs to your entrance foyer, I suggest getting two  40 x 60cm Outdoor Coir Mat and having them placed side by side near your front door to brush the mud off your shoes. Once your actual stairs have been installed you can use your pavers in another spot of the garden. 


I've placed a sketch below to give you an idea of what it might look like when carved into your hill.


Please keep us updated with your progress, we look forward to seeing your temporary stairs installed.


If you need further assistance, please let us know.





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