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How to fill gap underneath backyard fence?

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How to fill gap underneath backyard fence?

Hey all, moved into our new house and are about to attack the backyard. We are planning a retain-it type raised retaining bed/wall type setup for the back fence however the back fence doesn't have any plinths under it which results in dirt etc coming into my back neighbor's yard which as you can imaging he isn't too happy about. Before we go about building the retaining wall/bed, I was wondering if there is a good solution to board this up before we go about building. e.g treated sleeper? or anything else?

 don't mind what it is just as long as it stops the dirt from going to his yard and of course, you will never see it (the gap runs the entire fence)




pic attached for reference


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Re: Backfence Gap


Hi @Sn0wy 


As it sounds like a tempary  barrier setup  till your retaining wall built. So  quick and cheap but effective barrier. 


Could be  cut up 70- 100mm stripes of  2.5 -5 mm corflute it is waterproof light barrier dig 30-40 mm trench to sit it in and back fill so it is touching the fence rail.  Pulling out debris from  under fence as you go. simply over lap no need to  join lengths. No need to remove post building really.  Use a bit of duct tape to stick to fence until back filled  mini trench flush  with fence.


This  sheet makes 12 lengths of 2250mm  27 meters

2250 x 1220mm 2.5mm Corflute Black Double Wall  I/N: 0390221  $14


Enjoy you project.




Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: Backfence Gap

Welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community @Sn0wy. It's sensational to have you join us, and many thanks for your question about closing a gap in a fence.


Congratulations on your new home; I trust it's a very exciting time filled with plenty of plans and projects.


Both neighbours mutually own the fence, so I wouldn't be particularly concerned about soil transferring under it. It's as much the neighbour's responsibility to solve the issue as it is yours, and this issue should have really been dealt with when the fence was installed above soil height. However, it's always best to keep things amicable and try to work together to find a solution.


So, it sounds like you're planning on constructing a raised garden bed along the fence, which should resolve these issues. Would it not be best just to build the garden bed/wall? If the rear wall is hard up against the fence, then it should act as a prevention for this soil migration. 


If you want to seal off the area, @Jewelleryrescue has provided an option, and an alternative would be 150 x 25mm 4.8m Plinth H4 Treated Pine Sawn Wet. It's cheap, solid, H4 treated and can be screwed into the fence's posts. Before you screw it in place, level off the area to the right of your image where there is built-up debris.


Please let us know if you have any questions.




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Re: Backfence Gap

Great thanks for that, will have a look at my local bunnings and get started, thanks again guys

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