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How to join stringers together?

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How to join stringers together?

I want to run steps up to a 1.6M high deck. I like the look of these black "Peak" stringers, but Peak do not make the 7-step that I would need. I'm considering putting in a post /lintel and running the 5-step from it up to the deck. I would then bolt the 2-step to the bottom riser of the 5-step and the bottom of the 2-step would be bolted into a concrete pad at the base.

Are there any issues I've missed? Has anybody done this? Thanks in advance for any contributions.


5.jpeg2.jpegwith 1.2M treads

Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: How to join stringers together?

Hello @luckyphil 


Thanks for sharing your question about the Peak stair stringers. The maximum height that Peak produces is the seven-step but it only goes up to 1320mm. Not tall enough for your needs, I suggest having a look at the Galintel 8 Tread Heavy Duty Galvanised Steel Stair Stringer - 2 Pack or the Stringer Merbau Suits 9 Tread. Both of these stringers can be painted in black.


It is possible to weld the Peak stringers together to form a taller unit however, once you do that, it will no longer be covered by the warranty.


Here are the links for the stringer brochures:



If you need further assistance, please let us know.




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Re: How to join stringers together?

Thanks Eric


You are, of course, correct. A slap forehead moment! Perhaps I should have consulted my own notes.


I had been thinking about a 7/2 or a 5/4 combination with an intervening landing. When I came up with the no landing idea, I started typing too quickly and mixed them up. I was aware of the no warranty on welded pieces limitation, but I hoped that putting support under it might do. I guess that black letter rules don't bend.


The Galintel looks like a good product, but only supports 900 treads. I'm wanting 1200, so that would need a third stringer.


The Merbau looks lovely, but is a bit expensive. And painting it would be a sin!


I think I'm back to either

a) the Peak with an intervening landing or

b) a TP or HW timber DIY


A bit more pondering to do..


Thanks for the help











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Bunnings Team Member

Re: How to join stringers together?

Keep us updated, @luckyphil and reach out if you need further assistance or have questions; we're here to help.




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