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How to secure plants from thieves?

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How to secure plants from thieves?

This is a rather sad post--- sign of the times. It's hard to imagine but people actually steal plants nowadays. 


Any ideas as to how to secure this fiddle leaf fig of mine to.prevent theft? 


Thanks heaps.







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Re: How to secure from thieves

That’s a huge fiddle leaf fig you got! I think an option of security cam or motion sensor alarm (load one siren that can alert anybody) can prevent from stealing your valuable plants. 

Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: How to secure from thieves

Hi @Erwin,


If you installed a Ramset 8 x 45 x 7.5mm Zinc DynaBolt Plus Masonry Anchor into the wall or the concrete slab, you could connect a Zenith 8mm x 1m Zinc Plated Machine Chain to it. You can then loosely wrap the chain around the base of the trunk at the soil level and connect the loop with a padlock. The chain in the pot could be partially covered with mulch or pebbles. It wouldn't be too noticeable if the chain were draped over the pot on the right side. Not exactly a great look, but it'll save your plant.


If you re-potted the plant, you could Dynabolt through the bottom of the pot into the concrete slab before placing the plant in there. That wouldn't stop someone ripping the plant out but could deter them from taking the whole lot quickly. 


Let me mention a couple of our knowledgeable members, @TedBear and @Noyade, to see if they have any nifty ideas.




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Re: How to secure from thieves

It's great to have you join us @lemontreegrower. It certainly is an impressively sized Fiddle leaf. 


Adding security is a wonderful suggestion. It might also be worth installing a movement-activated floodlight. Criminals rarely like to work in well-illuminated environments.


We look forward to hearing about your projects and plans around the house and garden. Let us know if you ever need assistance or have something to share.




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Re: How to secure from thieves

True story.

A few months back a patient where I work told me they were woken at 2 am in the morning with noise on the front porch. They went outside to find one of their very large (they estimated 100 kg) potted trees missing.

Early in the morning a neighbour four houses down knocked on their door asking if they had a potted tree stolen last night. They of course replied yes. The neighbour said that around 2:30 am two men knocked on her door asking if she wanted to buy a potted tree. She slammed the door on them and the next morning found the tree still on her front porch.


Clearly a large weight made the theft difficult.


So, maybe a much bigger and HEAVIER pot is the way to go?

And maybe drill a hole in the bottom and insert a Dyna-bolt or concrete bolt (loosely) into it before inserting the tree?


Problem is you have to think like a thief before you can defeat on. Even then the bastards are so cunning. 😒

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