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Keen to build a patio table

Keen to build a patio table

Bad news.... my cool patio dining table and chairs are collectively biting the dust. Should have checked on the warranty. I am keen to build something new myself, and am just not that handy. Would love any ideas for a good basic yet solid and long lasting design so that my family and I can get back to having dinner on the patio. All ideas welcome! 

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Community Manager

Re: Keen to build a patio table

Hi @Handy_as_a_Rash,


Welcome to the Workshop community. I'm sure our clever and creative members will be happy to assist with this project and many others to come in future. We have loads of helpful members sharing advice and inspiration every day. 


Here's a few ideas that might help to get the discussion started:






You might also like to check out the instructions for building the outdoor dining table below on the Bunnings website. I'll also attach the how-to video.




Thanks again for joining in the discussion. We are looking forward to seeing your table take shape. 





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Re: Keen to build a patio table

@Handy_as_a_Rash Welcome to the Workshop Community! Might help assist members if you let us know what skillset you are working with and what tools you have available. Tables are fairly easy to construct, personally my skillset finishes there, only built a couple of chairs before as they can be a little bit more fiddly.

One option would be to construct the table and check out the range of exterior timber chairs to go with it a Bunnings.

Some examples would be somerset-folding-timber-chair  or perhaps carver-high-back-dining-chair . Please bare in mind I work at Bunnings hence my suggestions.

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