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Keeping gate open in rental

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Keeping gate open in rental

Hi All,

I'd like some help with a way I can keep this gate open that does not require making any permanent changes to the wall. It strangely opens toward inside where the stairs are. Naturally, I normally just wedge something in front of it but I'm looking for something easier where I won't have to. The texture of the wall (picture 2) is not receptive to command/3M hooks and neither is the weather here. I was thinking even an extendable ladder the wedges between the side and the open gate but that seems pretty ridiculous. I'm sure there is something else I can do. Would also be great for my neighbors who constantly hear the gate smash closed multiple times on the weekends when I don't have something heavy enough to wedge it open with haha.


Thank you in advance!


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Re: Keeping gate open in rental

Hi @itsangus   Merry Xmas


Could I recommend wedges underneath the gate on the top step?


I dont know the power of your gate spring so I  offer a three pack of wedges in case  one is not enough.


total  cost is $3,64 for this experimental solution.  The wedges are rated highly and should do the job with out adding gate  latch fitting on the wall.

Use the i/n number and staff can take you right to them

Bunnings Adoored Black Rubber Door Wedge - 3 Pack I/N: 3966437 $3.64

Wedges ? x 3Wedges ? x 3



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Bunnings Team Member

Re: Keeping gate open in rental

Hi @itsangus,


@Jewelleryrescue's idea of using wedges sounds like a winner. It's a bit hard to tell from your images, but there appears to be enough room on that top step once the door is open to chock it with a wedge. If that doesn't sound like it will work, then you could use a Handi Homes 88 - 160cm Aluminium Extenda Rail to place between the top of the open door and the adjacent wall.


Please let us know if you have questions.




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