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My latest enemy...Instruction manuals.

Having an Impact

My latest enemy...Instruction manuals.

I recently bought a new Makita 4 stroke line trimmer. I absloutely love it! Easy start, ergonomically well engineered. In fact, no faults at all. Except one. When it came time to add some new line to the trimmer head, I was stumped. I carefully read the instructions and, in my mind, followed them to the letter. Sadly, after 5 failed attempts to add new line, I gave up in disgust and shelved the task for another day.


The following day, I tried 3 more times, with the same result. In a moment of frustration, I threw the manual in the bin. As a so called "Bunnings DIY presenter (guru?)", I decided to try and find the correct way to do this simple task. I found it was really easy! 


The poblem was twofold. The instruction manual wasn't so easy to understand, albeit accurate. The second, and most obvious problen was that I'm a 69 year old, grumpy oldfart, with the concentration of a five year old!


All in all, I take responsibility but, I think manufacturers shound "dumb down" their instruction manualsto cater for the inept and aged (eg. me).

Making a Splash

Re: My latest enemy...Instruction manuals.

I tend to read the instructions as a last resort. :cool:

On one occasion Hubby and I took about 1 hour to put together a simple fishing rod rack that should have only taken 10 minutes tops from a manual that only had sketchy diagrams and intructions written in Chinese.

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