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Outdoor mud kitchen

Growing in Experience

Outdoor mud kitchen

My 2.5-year-old loves playing outside and all kids love pretend kitchens! 

It is cost efficient and costs less than buying one, plus you can easily customise it however you want! 


Treated pine post cut into 4 (square post)

Pine decking rails

Black paint

Outdoor paint

Outdoor wood varnish


Leftover lengths of wood




Pine Dar



Cordless drill

Electric sander 



Step 1

Cut wood post to size, depending on height of children. 

Cut wood decking and outer front rail to size, depending on how much overhang you want.

Cut bottom rails to size. Attach small piece of wood to two posts and screw bottom rails to that small piece of wood. Do the same for the other side. 

Step 2

Attach the decking rails. 

I used leftover pieces of wood for the top blue pieces on either side that I attached the pine dar rails to. Use two brackets to help strengthen the rails. 

Step 3

Sand everything. 

Step 4

Paint using outdoor paint and then varnish the top. Attach your choice of knobs and hooks. 

Step 5

For the door, I used 4 small pieces of leftover wood that I attached with screws and wood glued, then I used an old plastic lid and fitted it to the door. 

Step 6

I found a second hand metal bowl, which I drilled a hole in for drainage. I will add a tap and water source of some sort eventually. 



Retired Team Member
Retired Team Member

Re: Outdoor mud kitchen

Hi @Natalya,


This is such a fun project that I am sure is truly loved. It is great you can create a mud kitchen like this and customise it to suit any space. I really like the shade of blue you chose, are you able to share the name of it? Well done on your creative project.




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