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Paint tinting

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Paint tinting

Hello, I’m patching a coloured concrete driveway- filling some large cracks. I then want to match driveway colour to paint over filler. My question is can I purchase a 4L tin of Ultra pave, then have it dispensed into smaller containers and tinted a few different colours as my driveway is speckled? Or will I have to purchase 1L tins in each colour which is much more expensive? 

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Re: Paint tinting.

My guess is they don't carry 1lt tins to do that.

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Community Manager

Re: Paint tinting.

Hi @Meredith,


Welcome to the Workshop community. I'd recommend you visit your local Bunnings store and ask - it can't hurt to ask! 


I'd also suggest you post a photo of your driveway so that Workshop members can see what you are working with. We have many clever and creative members and they might come up with a solution that you might not have considered for rejuvenating your driveway.  


Feel free to post anytime you need a hand with a project around the house and garden. 




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Re: Paint tinting

@Meredith with any paint, colour can be adjusted with limits. Say you have a grey toned driveway which contains 4 similar shades, some lighter some darker. If you were to have the paint mixed up in the lighter shade to start with, you could apply some to the areas, then return to the store and ask them to make it slightly darker, repeating this process.

The caveat to this is there is only so much room in a can for tint, you are not going to be able to change a can of light grey to dark grey and due to the fact the paint team member is not working from formulas it's really a 'shot in the dark' as to what greys they'll be able to do.

As Jason suggested always a good idea to ask the team member, they will let you know what they are comfortable being able to do. 

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