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Please don't take a fence

Making a Splash

Please don't take a fence



Police interview a guy who saw two men steal a gate.


"Why didn't you intervene when you saw them taking the gate?"


"I didn't say anything in case they took offence"


I haven't been active much on any social platforms, including this one, of late because things are only just starting to settle down. In August we were given our 90 days notice because the landlord was wanting to sell the house so he could buy in the Wellington region. The bank was reluctant to use our house as capital so he had to sell. Luckily for us, he offered us first dibs so we applied for a home loan and got it. We now own our first home.


As is always the case wifey has decided we need to renovate. Small stuff this year but there'll be bigger stuff happening next year.


This gate project was something I was going to do before we bought the place anyway but I finally got the motivation to do it. It's a simple copy of the existing gate:



Construction-wise it's pretty simple. Two cross braces held together with vertical boards. An angle brace technically does nothing as the hinges themselves do most of the lifting and bracing. All have been screwed together because I found the nails on the old gate were just too weak.


I need to trim the top to make it look more pretty and I need to unwind the bottom pin to square the gate up more. Other than that not a bad effort for my first gate.






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Bunnings Team Member

Re: Please don't take a fence

Congratulations @woodenwookie on managing to purchase the home and many thanks for sharing your first project as the owner.


I trust there will be many more to come.




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