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Potable tank water friendly roof paint

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Potable tank water friendly roof paint


I have found great paint options in colours and physical properties, but how about toxicity for rainwater tanks ?

We do not have townwater and rely only on tankwater collecting the rain from our roof for all our water needs, including drinking water.

Does anyone know about a non toxic roof paint compatible for drinking water ?

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Re: Potable tank water friendly roof paint

Make sure you buy a roof paint that specifically says its safe for potable water - Dulux, Wattyl etc do make them :smile:


I had a mate painted his roof which was used for drinking water collection (no town water either) but it was a couple decades ago and I cant remember how he went about it - I remember he went over all his lead flashing and sealed it again though before painting but my minds blank after that lol.


Found a image online of one of Wattyls "potable water safe" paint, Hope we have a painter on here that might be able to step in maybe with some optionssadasdasd.JPG

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Re: Potable tank water friendly roof paint

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