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Removable privacy screen ideas for back fence

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Removable privacy screen ideas for back fence

Hi team


Our back deck area looks right into our neighbours outdoor area, and vice versa for them. They have some tall plants and trees planted on their side which obscures the view but still pretty visible and also sound travels easily between the two.


I want to screen it off somehow to create more privacy and also to prevent some rain getting in the open gap between the fence and our roof. I was planning to run horizontal screening between the posts (using deck boards), but ideally I want something that is easily removable as I need access to there to be able to clean out the gutters (which fill up regularly because of the trees)


Any ideas on something functional, but that would also look good?




Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: Removable privacy screen ideas for back fence

Hello @tony1982


Thank you for sharing your question about a removable privacy screen. I suggest using Lattice Makers 1800 x 900mm Mahogany Oriental Timber Screen, they can be cut in half horizontally and joined together so that they extend out to 3.6 meters. I recommend Everhang 35mm Zinc Plated Square Hooks to hold the screen over the area.


Since the assembly is not that heavy the hooks will easily hold the weight of the screen. It can also be easily removed by simply lifting the screen off the hook and put aside while you clean your gutters. It should provide you with adequate screening, but if you need it to be taller, I propose using the full screen and putting another one beside it.


If you need further assistance, please let us know.




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