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Repaint old wooden fence

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Repaint old wooden fence



Thanks in advance for anyone who can assist.


I am looking to repaint my outdoor fence. you can see in the photo it has some mould / algea growing on it.


Whats the best way to prep the fence and what paint should I use?






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Re: Repaint old wooden fence

Welcome to Workshop @Jonathanr. It's fantastic to have you join the community. We look forward to reading all about your projects and plans.


I'm sure some of our members will have suggestions for you. Have you tried to remove the algae as yet?


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Re: Repaint old wooden fence

Thanks Jason. Whats the best way to remove the algae? i was thinking a metal brush and Cabot's 1L Deck Clean.
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Re: Repaint old wooden fence

Have you got a pressure washer @Jonathanr? I'd try that first so you avoid getting any nasties on your plants. If not, bleach might be another option.

Re: Repaint old wooden fence

Hi @MartyH , 

Yes, ive tried a pressure washer but doesnt seem to be getting everything off. next step i think is to use a metal brush and then ill use a bleach / timber cleaner

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Re: Repaint old wooden fence


Having re-painted my fence recently I suggest a plant friendly product such as 30 seconds outdoor cleaner. This product is a concentrate so i suggest reading the instructions at the back very well. It is friendly to plants and grass. Once you've cleaned off the moss I suggest timber reviver if your oiling or staining. But if your painting it, I simply suggest that you wait for the fence to dry and use an all weather exterior paint of your choice. As i recall the coverage is approximately 1 litre to 10 square meters. Some claim more depending on the brand. Just remeber that you have to do a second coat and it also depends on the length and height of your fence. Good paint gives you good long service life, the cheap stuff is exactly what it is. Goodluck and post a picture once you've done your master piece! 

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