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Searching for a surface...

Finding My Feet

Searching for a surface...


Stand looks very similar to this.Stand looks very similar to this.Hi all!


I've recently moved to a new place and am trying to get back into all of my old craft activities. I do a lot of sealer spraying and paper-making, both of which require a smooth, hard surface (like glass or plastic) to dry things on.


I also have a spare stand for a rabbit hutch, as my bunny has her cage on the floor in my room. At the old place, I had a bit of MDF board resting on top of it to use as a surface for spraying. I'd like to replace it with something that won't absorb water or sprays. 


Mum recently got a great marble-look benchtop from Bunnings, but it would be way too heavy for the stand to support. I was wondering if anybody knew of something similar that would be light enough to be lifted by one person. 


I look forward to hearing your suggestions! Thank you :smile:

Kind of a Big Deal

Re: Searching for a surface...

There is a product called wet wall art at Bunnings. It is 900mm wide by 1800mm tall and about 4mm thick. You may have to cut it down, but it is virtually resistant to all forms of moisture. You may also choose to get a melamine sheet. It comes in differwnt sizes so you may have to choose what is best for you.

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Re: Searching for a surface...

I would suggest acrylic sheet..It's available in 3mm. - 6mm. thick and in a variety of colours and sizes
It can easily be bonded to ply or MDF..
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Community Manager

Re: Searching for a surface...

Hi @jemh,


Great to see you get such helpful replies from @Prof and @redracer01. I trust their posts were helpful, but please let us know if you need any more assistance.


Let me also extend a very warm welcome to the Workshop community. We're really pleased you could join us and look forward to reading more about your projects and plans. Feel free to post whenever you need a hand or have something to share. And please let me know if you need help getting the most from the site or have any feedback about how we can make Workshop more useful to you.




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