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Side of the house transformation

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Side of the house transformation



Does everyone have that one part of their house they hope no one ever looks? Well this side of the house was that for me. Its a project that kept getting put off due to budget, so I finally thought Im just going to transform it with whatever I already have so technically this makeover cost nothing! But in saying that I already had the exterior paint for the rest of the house/ fencing, the hot water unit gave out and got changed to a compact instantaneous- game changer!, and the pavers were ripped up from another area of the yard to make way for something else, even the plants were from other parts of my yard.



Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: That area of the yard you hope no visitors go

Lovely work, @Melzie. You must be super-pleased with those results! That's a beautiful transformation, and the area is just so inviting now. I'm sure it's a lovely spot to have a morning coffee.


Did you remove the top half of the wall as well?


Many thanks for sharing.




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Re: That area of the yard you hope no visitors go

Good afternoon @MitchellMc and @Melzie 


"Did you remove the top half of the wall as well?"


Yes! I saw this on my phone last night and thought that wall must be smaller - or it's a photographic illusion?

And @Melzie - have you removed some form of external cladding, seen in your "before" photo?

There is window seen in the "after" photo that I can't see in the top photo?

And is there a beam crossing the window?...




And no eaves seen in the top photo?


But what ever the case - it now looks fantastic! 👍

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Re: Side of the house transformation

Thanks for the feedback guys :smile: 


Sorry I need to get better at taking the before and after photos from the same spot as it can be confusing! The before photo was taken abit further back than the after photo. So I didnt remove any of the wall, and the window and eaves havent changed, you can just see them better in the after photo once I removed the weird mesh frame and rotting timber. There was also tin over the timber frame which I removed to let more natural light into the window. I kept the frame that goes from the house to the fence as I think this would be a great spot to let a creeper or vine cover grow and cover.  

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