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The bush after the fires...

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The bush after the fires...

Hi all,
Well, it's been a tragic & catastrophic fire season that has one way or another touched just about everyone. And it continues...
Fires came very close to us, a bit over 1k away burning quite a lot of bush as it did so. As a consequence I thought it worth looking at how the bush recovers after fire because it really is quite amazing.
Just shot this simple video to try to capture just a little of it.
Sort of off-topic for Workshop but I figure many of the plant-lovers out there may find this interesting.




Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: The bush after the fires...

Thanks so much for sharing this @Adam_W. We are so relieved that you and your family were kept safe and that your beautiful home survived such a close call. 


It's fascinating to see your nearby bush bounce back so quickly after the fires but I'm sure your warning message that our flora and fauna across the country might not be able to recover from these increasing intense bushfires in future is of great concern to many. 


Thanks again,




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Re: The bush after the fires...

@Adam_W  Your straight forward knowledge and facts and how you presented the situation is what we need to cut through the hype and rhetoric we hear every day. I hope our plants and wildlife adapt quick enough to save themselves from our mismanagement of the planet.


Thanks for sharing,


Re: The bush after the fires...

Thanks @Stuardo , there certainly are enough people trying to score points & push agendas off the back of this disaster.

Sometimes some lucid facts help. I hope.
Read this very encouraging & inspiring article today. It's the sort of approach we need on multiple levels.

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Re: The bush after the fires...

@Adam_W Fantastic article! I live amongst the remnants of an old logged out (by convict) high standing Blue gum forest north of Sydney. Once the suburb was known for its wild flowers and residents from Sydney would jump on the train line to come collect them.

I love nothing more then venturing out into the reserves and photographing some of the native orchids that are showing there faces again. Seedbanks are amazing things, it's a wonder what still remains in the after so many years.

It's encouraging to see my local council designating 'no mow' areas under some of our gums in hopes natives will pop up.

Once again great video!

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