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Tips for spray painting

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Tips for spray painting

Hey all,


Would like to share a few tips on  out of a can that I have learnt over the years, most of which are actually on the fine print of the can but ill expand on a few!


1. Prior preparation prevents poor performance! This is actually crucial, always prepare your surface before you paint! Remove any imperfections, old paint, un-even spots etc. whatever you can do to prepare the surface do it! The work you didn't do will almost always show through the surface


2. Use a primer, there are many available for all different surfaces (wood, metail, plastic etc.) and are key to a great paint job 


3. Shaking the can is really important -  is actually really fun, shaking a can isn't. However in the interests of a really good  job shake the can for at least 2 minutes. This will ensure all the paint is well mixed before you paint! Not only that if you're painting a large area keep shaking! Turn on some music and shake that can like its a maraca and you're in a mariachi band!


4. Prop up whatever you're painting off the surface its on - If what you're painting is flat make sure there is a gap between the surface and the object. This will prevent the object from sticking to whatever its sitting on and potentially ruining your paint job when it dries.


5. Hold the can 30cm from what you're painting and use even sweeping motions - this is important because a buildup of fine coats is what you want rather than trying to spray it on all at once which can cause ugly paint runs and uneven spots.


6. Make sure you paint somewhere that is clean, the  can actually kick up debris from around your painting area and find its way onto your nice new paint surface!


7. Try not to breathe in the fumes, they actually don't smell that nice


8. Don't touch it! Resist the urge to pickup what you've painted until its actually dry. I can admit i'm very guilty of this, "dry faster so I can admire my work!"


9. When done hold the can upright and spray out until the paint stops flowing - this will prevent the nozzle from clogging and ensure you can keep using it at a later stage!


Good luck and happy spray painting!!

Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: Tips for spray painting

Many thanks for sharing your spray painting tips @Dan. I'm sure the community will find them useful.


If community members have other spray painting tips or questions, please post them below.



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