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Water clarifier - does it work?

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Water clarifier - does it work?

This is our first summer with a pool and it got plenty of use over Christmas. Sometimes the water looked a little murky after plenty of use - probably all the sunscreen. Just wondering whether water clarifier is worth the cost to get the sparkle back or is just the regular cleaning and chlorine regime sufficient?


Thanks for any advice.

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Re: Water clarifier - does it work?

You might want to consider using any flocculating agents (water clarifiers) these cause suspended particles in liquids to aggregate, forming a floc.By turning your pump off, causes them to settle on the pool bottom..then vacuum to waste
Generally they are particles too small to be removed by general filtration

Re: Water clarifier - does it work?

Thank you. Will give it a try. There is a certainly a vast array of chemicals that pool shops try to sell - wasn't sure if this was more marketing spin than anything of real benefit.


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