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What sort of lighting would be best for our back patio?

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What sort of lighting would be best for our back patio?

Hi workshop community!


We have an old single sheet metal roofed patio out the back of our house. The patio is lit by a fluro tube light that has seen better days, and  because the patio is quite low my husband hits his head on this light at least once a month.

We are looking to replace the light and hopefully allow more head-clearance space. We are thinking either replacing the light with something shallower to allow more height below it, or possible moving the light up towards the house where the ceiling is a little higher (where the red arrows point). 


I am wondering if any of the DIY experts have any advice on which would be the better solution?

We have had a look at the Bunnings website but cant tell which sorts of ceiling lights would be suitable for an outdoor patio, so any advice on this would also be appreciated. We will be getting a sparky to do the electrical work, we just need to buy the light and make the plan!


Thanks so much


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Re: What sort of lighting would be best for our back patio?

Hi @eucalyptus 


I hear you when you say your husband hits his head on the fitting and that edge looks pointy it got to hurt.


So for your husbands  sake  I recommend  LED lighting panels as they are only about 40mm thick where as fluros are  100mm plus.


You can  mount this panel  where the fluro is currently mounted . 

The only down side to led lighting is  it will seam possible  less bright than the original fluro fitting but that is in the eye of the beholder.


So if you wish add three Led light panels down the centre of  the roof  as you allready have power near by see green locations. These may cast some shadows.

LED Panel optional ideasLED Panel optional ideas


If it was my roof I  would probably want to add an Led panel in the center of each quadrant  of  the roof for broader lighting under the patio roof. See blue proposed led positions  Almost no shadows.

This will mean adding mounting points  I would  liquid nails to a ply board slightly larger than the led base to the under roof (painted) as to allow a timber mounting point at the roof ripples without drilling through roofing sheet  Led Panel weigh less than 3 kg typically each.

This will give you plenty of light  and reduce shadows. more head room again.

LEDs last longer  cheaper to run and these LEDS  can  alter between  3  White temperature  colors selectable on the units themselves.


Bunnings also has other models to  choose from

Ledvance Panel LED 3200lm Tri-Colour 36W I/N: 0368313 $61.23

Source Bunnings online catalogeSource Bunnings online cataloge



Re: What sort of lighting would be best for our back patio?

Hello @eucalyptus,


Thank you for sharing your question about what lighting would be best for your back patio.


It's great that you've received excellent advice from @Jewelleryrescue. Just to add to the suggestions made, I also recommend looking at the Arlec 120cm 40W Tri-Colour Tri-Proof LED Batten Light. It has a tri-colour function and has an Impact, Corrosion & Weather resistant body. It comes with PC Material locking clips for water tight seal. This makes the batten suitable for Indoor and Outdoor applications.


It has a much lower profile than your current fluorescent lighting fixture and provides the same if not greater lumen output. I recommend reading the reviews on this product so that you can see how bright it is. I suggest putting it at the proposed mounting point to prevent tall people from bumping into the lighting fixture.


If you need further assistance, please let us know.




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