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giant jenga game

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giant jenga game

has anyone made a giant jenga game for the garden? I've found examples that their imperial and don't easily translate to metro Screenshot_20200720-155606_Chrome.jpg


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Bunnings Team Member

Re: giant jenga game

Welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community @Cathet. It's great to have you join us and many thanks for your question.


I've made a few sets of these before, was there anything that you were having difficulty with? You just need to decide what dimension of timber you wish to use. For adults, I would use 90 x-35mm MGP 10 Untreated Pine Timber Framing Linear Metre and for kids 70 x 35mm MGP Pine Timber Framing Linear Metre. The reason for specifying the smaller size timber for kids is that depending on how many pieces you intend on making it can actually start becoming slightly dangerous around small toddlers.


All you need to do is take the width 90mm or 70mm and times that by three giving you 270mm and 210mm. You then just cut all your timber up into those lengths and sand the cut ends to remove splinters.


If you want to know approximately how much timber you will use, just take the height you want, divide it by the thickness of the timber 35mm, times that by 3 pieces per layer. So for a one-meter high stack that will be 1000mm divided by 35mm which gives you 28.5, that times 3 is 85 and a bit pieces. 85.5 x 270mm is around 23 lineal meters of timber needed to construct the game.


Please let me know if that assists or if you have any other questions.




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