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putting up an outdoor blind

Just Starting Out

putting up an outdoor blind

Hi there! I've tried to replace my old blinds. Drilling the holes no issue. Getting the plugs, screws to stay out and not fall into metal. Doing my head in. I'm trying to attach wood to patio and then attach blind to that!  Any advice very welcome. Thanks! 

Kind of a Big Deal

Re: putting up an outdoor blind

Any chance of posting a photo of the area in question? Once we see it I'm sure the workshop members will have tons of advice.

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Becoming a Leader

Re: putting up an outdoor blind

Hi @hels4200  - Based on your description, I understand that you’re trying to attach wood to metal. It would appear that the metal is hollow - either round tubing or square - because you’re losing your plugs.


So, you can either put self tapping screws through wood and into metal, or if you need more support, drill all the way through the wood and BOTH sides of the metal, and insert a bolt and nut.


But as, @redracer01 has pointed out, a photo would be a good idea, so we’re clear about what’s going and we can be more helpful, cheers Deb :smile:

Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: putting up an outdoor blind

Hi @hels4200,


Welcome to Workshop. Fantastic to see you make your first post and receive such speedy and helpful replies. 


Please let me know if you have any trouble uploading a photo so community members can see what you are working with and provide more specific advice. 


Feel free to post anytime you need a hand with a project around the house or garden. 




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