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5 ways to maximise space in a small laundry

Retired Team Member
Retired Team Member

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You don’t need a large space for a functional, efficient and stylish laundry.


We asked laundry experts from the Bunnings team for ideas about how to maximise storage and make the most of your laundry.


Please note you may need professional tradespeople to assist with implementing some of these ideas, but don't hesitate to ask if you need a hand with anything. We're here to help. 


1. Use the walls


Walls and ceilings are often overlooked, but can be useful in compact areas like laundries.


The Bunnings team suggest using customised open shelves and wall cabinets to maximise storage, adding that they can be paired with an integrated rail for drying clothes.


Mitchell Mclean (@MitchellMc), one of our Bunnings Workshop D.I.Y. experts, also suggests considering a drying line to create more space. “Install a wall-mounted drying line that can be extended for hanging clothes and folded back against the wall when not needed,” he says.


Bunnings Workshop member @Nkbarfield used hanging rails and a floating shelf to build a space-saving drying and laundry storage solution for under $250.




2. Install built-in laundry chutes and hampers


Workshop D.I.Y. expert Eric Lara (@EricL) recommends using built-in laundry chutes or hampers to store and conceal clothes instead of using a separate laundry basket, providing extra valuable floor and benchtop space.


It's also a good idea to use hampers that are colour coded for light and dark clothing. This can make wash day a little easier as your clothes will already be sorted.


Community member Jesse (@Jesse1) embraced this trend by installing a flat pack laundry chute below a bamboo benchtop in her laundry.


Laundry chute.jpeg


3. Place your appliances strategically


Positioning your washing machine and dryer under a bench is usually a good use of space as it allows for more working area, according to the Bunnings team.


Alternatively, if you’re short for space or creating a European laundry, consider stacking your appliances. Make sure you pick up an anti-vibration mat that sits between the washing machine and dryer on top for quiet operation.

Workshop member @housetohome raised the washer and dryer and added deep drawers underneath to create more practical storage in their popular farmhouse laundry project.


Place appliances strategically.jpg


4. Opt for smaller sinks


The Bunnings team suggest using a small, deep sink instead of a traditional laundry tub in small laundries.


Remember it isn't mandatory to have a sink at all, especially in a compact European-style laundry. Wastewater from the washing machine can run straight into a waste pipe, rather than a sink or tub.


In her budget laundry renovation, Claire (@Renowayoflife) removed a traditional standalone laundry tub and replaced it with a drop-in sink on a timber countertop, creating a large work space.


Drop-in sink.JPG

5. Use the door


Eric Lara says traditional swinging doors can take up valuable space. He suggests considering replacing them with a sliding door to maximise the usable area in your laundry room.


Bunnings Workshop community member @Hansi's sliding barn door is a good example.


Hansi's barn door.png


Mitchell says you can also "consider utilising the back of the laundry room door with over-the-door organisers or hooks for storing ironing boards, irons and other accessories.”

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