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Barn door ideas for your home

Projects Editor
Projects Editor

VJ barn door.png


Barn doors can be used anywhere around your home to save space or make a statement.


Check out these creative barn door projects shared by Bunnings Workshop community members and feel free to ask a question about your own build.


1. Pine barn door for living room by @Jwyatt 


Workshop member Jwyatt used seven Pine lining boards to construct this barn door that partitions a living area to shield the afternoon sun and help the air conditioners run more efficiently.




2. MDF barn door with diagonal pattern by @LePallet 


Riley cut and aligned MDF pieces to create this stylish design and installed the barn door on a custom-built bulkhead.


LePallet 2.png


3. Barn door feature wall by @GeoffB 


Geoff built these barn doors to screen an unused entrance and create a rustic feature at a cafe.




4. VJ panelling barn door by @mattoharae 


Matt biscuit joined and glued two doors together to create a wide barn door and then used liquid nails to attach VJ panels for this stylish finish.




5. Wide hardwood barn doors by @LePallet 


Riley joined two barn doors together to slide in one direction and cover a wide entryway.




6. Handmade barn doors by @peta 


Workshop member peta shared these beautiful barn doors built by her husband.




7. Barn door using fence palings by @Hansi 


Workshop member Hansi made this barn door using fence palings and pickets.




8. Double barn doors by @woodalwaysworks 


Workshop member woodalwaysworks converted standard double doors into sliding barn doors and decorated with MDF and skirting.




9. Hallway herringbone design barn door by @Megarakawa 


Workshop member Megarakawa built this barn door from scratch to fit a wide hallway entrance.


barn door.png


For more ideas, check out Barn-style sliding doors: how and why to get the look.


How to install sliding doors


Find out how easy it is to fit the track and hang your own barn doors in the step-by-step guide How to install sliding doors.



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barn door 2.jpgbarn door final 2 .jpgMy take on a barn door for wifes art studio. She found an old panel with some wrought iron in the middle. I fitted it with a 35 x 65 edge to make big enough for a door and backed with 3mm ply. We painted the ply the same colour as the wall to give the effect you can see through it while giving privacy in the ensuite. JDE

Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member



What a beautiful door. I love that wrought iron design, you rarely see those features in modern doors these days. I'm sure that the see-through effect has fooled many visitors that have come to your house. Thank you so much for sharing such an elegant project.




Experienced Contributor

Some great ideas. I want to use barn door brackets for some french doors ... just a bit nervous the doors would be too heavy - they have artic glass (five panels each) - would be double opening. 

Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Hi @Caron


It's great that this project has inspired you to put some barn-style mechanisms in your house. If you're worried about putting too much weight on the door frame. I recommend removing the plasterboard around the door frame and adding extra timber to support the weight of the doors. However, if the door is more than 80kg you may have to engage the services of a professional builder to assess your door frame capacity. 


If you need further assistance, please let us know.




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