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Top 10 most popular pallet projects

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The Bunnings Workshop community has many clever and creative members regularly sharing amazing pallet projects. 


Recycling pallets is great for the environment and provides an inexpensive source of materials for many keen woodworkers. Better still, it is not difficult to repurpose pallet wood into fantastic items like garden planter boxes and outdoor furniture.


Be inspired by these pallet wood projects shared by our resourceful members.


Here’s our top 10 most popular pallet projects on Workshop by pageviews:


1. Table made using four pallets by @Peggers 


A D.I.Y. table made using palletsA D.I.Y. table made using pallets

Rob loves “indulging his inner tradie at weekends” but reckons he started this popular table without much of a plan. He used four pallets, two of which he took completely apart, then inserted the strips of wood into the gaps on the other pallets to make a solid tabletop. You can make your own by following Rob's step-by-step instructions in this guide: How to build a pallet timber table.


2. Pallet timber raised garden bed by @lcantem 


Workshop member Lester kicked off this popular planter box project by confessing he had with “no idea how to start”. But after a little help from the community and a robust design sketch, he soon had a wonderful planter box lined with recycled laserlite sheets that has inspired many other members. The project also sparked some great discussion.


3. Pallet timber outdoor table with burn effect by @LePallet 


Passionate pallet advocate Rylie's favourite project to date, this huge outdoor table measures 1.6 by 2.1 metres and was almost entirely made from pallet wood. After sanding, Rylie decided to use a small gas blowtorch to produce a striking burn effect instead of staining.


4. Pallet planter boxes with home-made stain by @LePallet 


These fantastic-looking planter boxes are joined together and were finished with a home-made stain.


Pallet barPallet bar

5. Pallet timber bench seat with storage by @LePallet 


This ingenious creation not only looks great, but is extremely practical. It contains handy storage underneath the bench seat as well as two planter boxes for your favourite plants. 


6. Pallet timber bar by @Yorky88 


Pallet project aficionado Marty described this project as “a fun build and reasonably simple”. His tip for creating a pallet bar is just to ensure the overhanging ledge is well supported as mates will love leaning on it when nursing a well-earned drink. Marty has since shared other fantastic designs with the community as well as pallet coffee tables.


7. Wine storage and bookshelf using pallet timber by @KGriff1 


Workshop member KGriff1 had a problem that doesn’t happen in our house – a wine surplus. Looking for a quick and cheap way to store them, she recycled a pallet into a fantastic shelf to store wine, books and some potted succulents. All that was needed was some extra MDF and some sanding work.

Pallet book and wine shelfPallet book and wine shelf


8. Pallet timber floating shelf by @Tara86 


The always creative and resourceful Tara used recycled pallet timber for this lovely rustic floating shelf in the smallest room in the house.


9. Recycled pallet timber raised garden bed by @nolifemanual 


Workshop member nolifemanual used recycled pallet timber to build this raised garden bed and stained with Cabot's Merbau deck stain.


10. Pallet timber photo frames by @LePallet 


Riley created these pallet picture frames by transferring photos to wood and reckons it's an easy enough project to do on the kitchen bench. He even shared step-by-step instructions so you can give this a go yourself.


Step-by-step instructions for your pallet projects


Our Bunnings Workshop How-to section includes several pallet projects with full step-by-step instructions, photos to guide you, and a full list of tools and materials required. The guides include:


Pallet cubbyPallet cubby





More pallet project ideas


Don’t miss our long-running D.I.Y. pallet discussion, which includes a wonderful pallet bar from @Jackson and a pallet wood compost bin by @Adam_W.  There’s also plenty of handy hints and tips for obtaining pallets and working with them.

Jamespeter100 has shared many great project ideasJamespeter100 has shared many great project ideas


For more great ideas for using pallets in the garden, @Jamespeter100 has shared lots of wonderful ideas in this fantastic post, and there's plenty of other great creations where they came from.


Don't forget to share your pallet projects with the Bunnings Workshop community, and feel free to ask if you ever need a hand with your creation. We look forward to seeing your handiwork soon.  



Last updated: October 2021


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