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Difference in measurements on Bunnings website


Difference in measurements on Bunnings website




I find it perplexing when going through the Bunnings website and looking for items.  People who who put in the item measurements have little idea as to height by length by width (HWL/D).  If I am facing an rectangular object;-

* Height is the vertical measurment from the floor or from the ceiling down.

* Width is the measurement from left to right.

* Length is the measurement from myself into the distance of an object. (ie what is that distance from me "Depth")

Intersignly enough the ther are two measurements for Round objucts (OD, ID and L;-

Outsie Diameter (OD) - pretty obvious - the outise diameter.

Inside Diameter (ID) - the inside diameter.

Length - self evident (as above)


Issue #2


Why was I not able to address this succgestion to head office and had to use the workshop forum.  Why no direct email to Head Office? ? ? 



I have attached an example of a light bulb from the Bunnings website when I was searching for on the website.  Note the notations my red.

OSRAM 7W Reflector LED Glass Light Globe ES.png



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Community Manager

Re: Difference in measurements on Bunnings website

Hi @vk3ty


Welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community.


I am more than happy to pass your feedback onto the Bunnings website team. On the Bunnings website there's a feedback tab on the right hand side of the page that you can use to directly contact the team. There's also a Contact us link in the footer of the site. 


Please don't hesitate to post anytime you have something to share with the Workshop community or need a hand with a project around the house and garden. It's great to have you join us and we are looking forward to reading about your projects.




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