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Going for gold in the home and garden

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Community Manager

Going for gold in the home and garden


Workshop community update #33


Hi all,


While much of the world’s attention has been focused on Rio in the past week, Workshop members are still working on record-breaking projects around the home and garden.


Workshop’s @Trying got some great suggestions about how to revive her faded canvas awnings so they look shinier than a gold medal, while @AHoy also got some sage advice for cleaning mould off his solar panels so they are cleaner than Rio’s diving pool.


@bergs wants to set a new world record for growing chillies over the winter and is still looking for tips from successful trainers, while @CathD shared how to regrow spring onions – without using any performance-enhancing substances.


@ShawnWilkey plans to cook up a feast big enough to satisfy a weightlifter but needs recommendations on a new gas barbecue, while @Goldmember wants to prepare for post-games celebrations by utilising space under the house to build a wine cellar.


The gallery image that got the most rapturous reaction from the Workshop crowd was the new She Skills shed. We’re looking forward to seeing what your workshop participants can create in such a fantastic space, Meg.  


Discussion also continues on how to smoke your own gold medal-winning bacon thanks to @MoonshineBen's fantastic advice, and @Andadams is again on the podium for her concrete table reno.   


This week’s poll asks what type of fruit you would most like to grow in your backyard to help fuel your next victory. Please add your votes and join in the discussion.  


The Workshop members on the dais for posting the most liked content in the past seven days were @She_Skills, @Isobel, @bergs, @Kermit and @QuailFlock. Many thanks for your fantastic contributions – the Workshop judges have awarded you a perfect 10 for your performance this week.  



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Making a Splash

Re: Going for gold in the home and garden

A record breaking performance @Jason. Must be a personal best ! Also hilarious!  Have it on good authority that the Performance Enhancement Testing Team WILL NOT be calling on you. Cheers

Former Community Member

Re: Going for gold in the home and garden

@Jason, very clever & funny stuff mate, I've been chuckling away ever since I read it. :hysterical:

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