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How to correctly install Deta 2 way switches?

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How to correctly install Deta 2 way switches?

Hi everyone,


I hope my question makes sense as I don't know all the correct terminology, so i apologise in advance


My partner uas been changing all the light switches in the house to smart switches (Yes he does have an electrical license but has not worked in residential properties for quite some time.) The single light switches seem to work fine but when it comes to the two ways switches that's where the problem starts. 


My living room has four lights and a switch at each end of the room that controls these 4 lights grouped as one. Originally you could turn these off from either switch but since changing to smart switches its not working and frustrates me no end. Has he wired it wrong or is it because there a full lights being controlled by this switch. 


A similar 8ssues is in my kitchen and living area. As you enter the room there is a single switch that controls the living area which has 6 lights, then as you exit the room viia a hallway opening in the side wall thete is a double switch where one controls the kitchen section and the other is linked to the living area lights & works as a 2 way switch with the first one as you enter the room. This setup was working fine when it was just the normal switches but since installing it the smart switches it's not working. The first switch on entry to the living area does not work at all, and the double switch works but only with one switch operating the kitchen was the other switch is operating the living area. Again is it because there's too many lights or is there something wrong with the way it's been set up.? 


In all honesty I was happy with the old setup without the smart switches but he's going to head and change everything and now it's just lifted in a bit of a mess which I want tided up. He's not very good at explaining things So I'm not sure exactly what he thinks is going on here but the descriptions I've given you above from where I stand seem to be how it's all working so far. He did at one point tried to tell me that you can't have a two-way switch even though Deta has 2 way switches, so is it because I'm not understanding the way it's all connected? Do the two ways which is only work for single lights or can they work for multiple lights that are connected to operate via one switch? 


I'm really hoping this is making sense and I'm really hoping someone could please help me because this is just drive me crazy. Thank you for taking the time to read this and I appreciate any advice you can give

Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: Deta 2 way switch installations

Hello @Sainterchic 


Thanks for sharing your question about your light switch installations. Generally speaking, a 2-way switch is a switch configuration in which you can turn on/off the same light with two different areas or locations. If this function has been hindered, it's possible that the new switch is incompatible with the wiring present.


Did your partner mention any plans on returning the functionality of the lights to what they once were? Perhaps they've not fully explained on what they plan to do. I propose having a discussion with your electrician and conveying or explaining to them your desire to return the functionality of the 2-way switch to what it was. 


Let me call on our experienced members @CSParnell and @MikeTNZ for their recommendations.


If you need further assistance, please let us know.




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Re: Deta 2 way switch installations


My apologies I've been extremely busy. You have this range in 2 way


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