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How to fix ripped paint and exposed Gyprock?

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How to fix ripped paint and exposed Gyprock?




Hi everyone, after some help. We had a broom holder mounted with double sided tape in our cupboard that as come off. When trying to remove the leftover residue it’s stripped the paint back to the gyprock. Just wondering what products to use and best way to fix up and paint. Luckily we have some leftover wall paint already. 

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Re: How to Fix Ripped Paint/Exposed Gyprock

If its ripped off the paper back to gyprock you may need some kind of primer/sealer to stop the paint being able to soak into it and help paint adhere to it. Could be a good idea to get some spray putty or such to fill in the surface to make it flush, this would make it less noticeable after painting if its deep.

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Re: How to fix ripped paint and exposed Gyprock?

Afternoon @EmilyS1 

Welcome to the Bunnings community page :smile: There are so many ways of doing things and this is the place to have a look around :smile:


Id suggest to use this uni pro 500g smooth coat skim filler or you could even use selleys 180g spakfilla rapid gap filler 

I have used both and they work nicely. The uni pro one is one id use if the paper/paint has been torn as a first choice. The sellys would be one if the hole is a little deep. Once dry id sand the patch back and then paint (just run your hand over the dry sanded part and if its smooth and no ripples then paint)


Fixing plaster scuffs and holes are one of the first jobs I remember doing for around the house :smile: Welcome again!



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Bunnings Team Member

Re: How to fix ripped paint and exposed Gyprock?

Hello @EmilyS1 


Allow me to welcome you as well to the Bunnings Workshop community. It's marvellous to have you join us and thanks for sharing your question about fixing your damaged wall.


You're in luck as the damage did not penetrate the gyprock panel. This means that all you need to do is to fill in the damage with filler. Your goal is to fill the damage with just enough filler so that its level with the wall. In this manner you wont have to sand too much of it off. Once the plaster is level you can then paint over the damage.


You should find these step-by-step guides useful: How to repair cracks in plaster and How to patch plaster.


If you have any other questions we can help with, please let us know.




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