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How to refinish around window sill?

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How to refinish around window sill?

Need help with some suggestions as I just realized I scrapped it too much where mostly was unnenessary. 

Originally there was just spots of flaked paints and most part of the paint was very hard to peel.

Anyway, I am now thinking to brush on with a layer of diluted PVA glue then fill with a light layer of plaster to even out the area then prime and paint. 

However, part of me is also leaning towards using a general filler. 

Suggestions please.

Thank you


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Bunnings Team Member

Re: How to refinish around window sill?

Hi @templarkk,


Thank you for your question and welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community, it is fantastic to have you join us.


Don't worry, when scraping back loose paint, you'll often loosen other bits along with it. It looks well prepared and ready to accept a coat of plaster. Make sure to sweep away any dirt or dust and wipe it down with a wet cloth to remove any fine dust.


There's no real need for a coat of diluted PVA, but the rest of your steps look right on the money.


I'd suggest giving it a skim coat with Gyprock CSR 2.25kg Less Mess Topping Compound to fill any voids left by the removed paint. This is a smooth, plaster-topping compound, that is perfect for this application. If you didn't have a tool to apply this topping compound, I'd suggest this Hyde 4" Plasterboard Joint Knife is perfect for this application.

Once dry, you should sand the plaster to a smooth surface using a Trojan 120 Grit Angled Sanding Sponge, then prime and paint.

You might like to check out How to paint like a professional and How to paint trims for some guidance.


Let me know if you have any further questions.




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Re: How to refinish around window sill?

Thanks Jacob for coming back so quick!

Much appreciated for the advice and I will try it out this weekend :smile:



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