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How to replace door knobs?

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How to replace door knobs?


Recently I had all my internal doors painted white.  They were previously painted in classic cream.

All my door knobs are brass and cream and I wish to replace them with chrome levers.

Interestingly, when you go to Bunnings the row is labelled "Door Knobs" but if you try to do a search on the website there is "0" items available with this label.

My question is... how do I know what I need?  I want to replace all the passage sets and all the knobs on the cupboards.  I have looked at Gainsborough, Delf, Lemaar, Lane. Some of them, but not all seem not to include the latch and striker plate.  Is that right?  At $70.00 each you would think they would even include the kitchen sink.  Especially when the whole lot will add up to $1000.00 

Also, what's the difference between "Bright chrome" and "Chrome plate" and "Polished chrome"?  I would like to have a lever with a square backplate and a fairly square lever.

Any help you can give me would be much appreciated.


door knob.jpg


door lever.jpg


Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: Door knobs

Hi @JRRed,


Many thanks for your questions, I'd be happy to assist. Internal door lever sets come in passage, privacy and dummy functionality. Passage sets are for common doorways like bedrooms and privacy are for bathrooms and spaces that require a locking feature. Dummy sets are for doors that do not use these type of latching mechanism and are often found on cupboards where ball catches are utilised.


Generally, there are a few types of chrome finish- polished, brushed and standard chrome. Brushed has a fine abrasion to the surface giving it a dulled appearance, polished is an almost mirror effect and standard chrome is unfinished. Each manufacturer will have a slightly different finishing process and the final effect with reflect that. You might find when looking at finishes that they do not reflect the same thing in each brand.


Bright chrome and polished chrome are different terms for a finished highly buffed shiny chrome. Chrome plate would refer to just chrome with no specific finish. 


If there is a particular manufacturer you had selected I can go into further detail about their specific chrome finishes.


Please let me know if you needed further assistance or had any questions.




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