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Rust Effect Paint Feature Wall - Before/After

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Rust Effect Paint Feature Wall - Before/After

Hi guys,

Below are some photos of a feature wall I painted at a Hair Salon in Melbourne's CBD a couple of years ago. Please excuse the quality of some of the photos, as I said, this was a couple of years ago.


When I arrived at the Salon, the builders had just finished putting together some MDF walls; behind the walls was the staff area; fridge/kitchen sink etc.

Before painting onto the MDF I used some simply filler to hide the gaps between each sheet and the screw holes.






Here the MDF walls have been painted, what you can also see in this photo are some pipes coming out from the wall; this will be for the hair wash basins. 






View of whole back wall of the Salon. (Floors are polished concrete done by professionals)






First coat of the rust affect paint finished. Unlike any kind of normal wall paint you might be used to. Can be very thick and then also a thin/watery texture. This only takes half an hour to try, but was left overnight until second coat.






Here we have the second coat of the back wall and the first coat of the kitchen walls completed. A noticable difference after second coat. A third coat may be required in some areas where there is thin coverage. Leave overnight to cure.






Here you can see the start of the rust coming through. This begins after the second part of the rust affect paint is added - a seperate water like formula that is applied with a normal paint brush. This special formula accelerates the normal rusting process.






After the second coat of the rust accelerator. This process continues slowly in between coats. This photo makes the rust appear more yellow than it actually is. The completed photos below are taken on a better phone.






Finished! Another two coats of rust accelerator was applied between this and the last photo. As well as the storage shelves, hair wash basins and some spotlights as an added detail.






Another photo.






Close up shot of the rust.





Thanks for looking. In total this was completed over 5 nights, but probably only 45min - 1hr each evening, the hard part is waiting for the coats to cure. I could have stopped earlier or done a couple of extra coats of the rust accelerator, its entirely upto you.

Great stuff for a feature wall, or something to apply to pots or other decorations outside.

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Re: Rust Effect Paint Feature Wall - Before/After

Many thanks for sharing @Simon. Great project and a fantastic result.



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Re: Rust Effect Paint Feature Wall - Before/After

That looks amazing!


@Simon, how much would a project like that cost?


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