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Soundproofing a room

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Soundproofing a room

OK...I am going to start this off just really simple! I really just want to gauge if there is any interest in the topic of 'sound proofing'. There seems to have been very little discussion on this forum with regard to the topic. My particular project is VERY specific...however the principles involved can be used in any number of ways to 'sound proof' anything.


As my project is very specific and therefore contains a number of details; I don't want to launch into a 'Tolstoy-like' epic if there is not the audience for the topic. I also have no interest in listing the details of my project on many of the studio building websites that I have been to...I would prefer to help a few people who have any queries on 'sound proofing' and do so in a friendly environment. I am also not a professional on the topic of 'sound proofing' so I am happy for people to add their two cents! 


I never do this but I feel it is necessary in this one instance only: I am a degree qualified Civil Engineer and I have spent the better part of 400-500 hours plus researching the topic. I do have a few bits of knowledge...again I do not know everything! I am only here to hopefully assist some people.


This is a photo taken a couple of days ago. Depending on any interest I can go into further detail...what I am doing is 'sound proofing' a bedroom so that I can 'raise the undead' on my drum kit without aggravating my barely still alive neighbours; who of course get annoyed at my quite mellow 2016 WRX exhaust noise *eyeroll*

Expenditure is around $4k at present; I have a number of interior sound treatment products to purchase yet so an end result at a comfortable $5k is likely. That is just FYI: sound proofing does not always need to include a great deal of expenditure!


Any queries please let me know :smile:This is not the best photo but it should give an indication of what is going is taken from outside the bedroom looking in through the bedroom door.This is not the best photo but it should give an indication of what is going is taken from outside the bedroom looking in through the bedroom door.


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Re: Soundproofing a Room

Fire away with the project :smile:
my ex wifes family were muso's and one of the uncles in Sydney had the most insane little music room, my youngest daughter and and him used to play his hand made electric Guitars and thump out some Wild RHCP and an ear bursting level and you could not hear it in the loungeroom

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