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Under stairs storage shelves

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Under stairs storage shelves

A little weekend project completed to help give us some much needed storage at our house.


Under the staircase is often a negative space not used to its fullest potential but I got to building and am so happy we now have this area to utilise.


I created a step by step highlight on my Instagram to help you achieve the same results.






Kirsty Paimaka
Retired Team Member
Retired Team Member

Re: Under Stairs Storage Shelves

Wonderful @EleventhCoastal. You can never have too much storage. Thanks for sharing.


Could you share more about the materials used and how you went about building these custom shelves? It would be great to hear more about the project here for members looking to do a similar project.




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Re: Under Stairs Storage Shelves

Hi Stevie,


Thanks so much, I had an absolute blast creating this storage area.


Here’s a step by step process of the hat you need and how I created these shelves…


- Melamine shelving, Bunnings can cut these to size for you

- Bottom supports (I used skirting board for mine)

- Liquid Nails

- Flathead nails

- Drill’s and a drill bits

- Silicone

- Paint

- Corner brackets for melamine shelves (Hafele)

1: Empty the space, vacuum and wipe the walls down

2. Measure the space and place tape on the floor with the measurements or in a note book, I prefer to do it on tape so I can quickly check when I’m working.. Find the studs in the wall, tape wear the middle of the stud is for future reference 

3. Cut your support pieces to size, I actually used left over skirting boards from our build

4. Secure these into the studs, make sure you secure in enough spots so that you have maximum support

5. Paint your supports to match your walls,

6. Place liquid nails on the top of your supports and place the melamine on top, pre drill a few small holes in the top of the melamine and secure with the flathead nail

7. Use the Hafele corner piece to stabilise and join your corners

8. Silicone the joins where the shelf meets the wall, the join if melamine meets another panel 

9. Style and store till your heart is content

Tip: if your shelves are long make sure you add in a support piece from the ground to the bottom of the shelf

Tip 2: add in a feature at the front if your space allows






Kirsty Paimaka

Re: Under Stairs Storage Shelves

Fantastic @EleventhCoastal. Thanks again for taking the time to share these extra details to help other Workshop members who are tackling similar projects.




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Member Engagement

Re: Under stairs storage shelves

@EleventhCoastal  This is a great storage solution for under your stairs!


Your feature puts a little fun in the space, what color did you use?

Thank you for sharing the process. 





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