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What paint to use on this external tile at front & back door?

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What paint to use on this external tile at front & back door?


Hello 🙂 I really want to paint this small external tiled areas at my back sliding door and front door. It always looks dirty and very hard to clean. I'd like to paint it a earthy darker colour - like a grey shade that won't show the dirt so much and hopefully make it easier to clean. I understand the texture is to prevent slipping, I'm hoping this can still be achieved with a finish that is easily wiped clean. 🙏🤍


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Bunnings Team Member

Re: What paint to use on this external tile at front & back door?

Hello @Bell_1986 


My apologies for the late reply. Can you please tell me if the surface of the tile is glossy or not? Is it sealed or is it porous? If it is unsealed and porous, I suggest giving it a clean with a bristle brush and detergent to remove all the dirt and debris on it.


Once the tiles dry off, I suggest sealing the entire front with Betta TileCare 300g Aerosol Tile And Grout Sealer.  It is specially formulated to maximise water resistance, reducing the growth of mould and mildew without leaving a slippery surface. Plus, it also makes it easier to clean the surface of the tile as dirt and grime no longer sink into the pores of the tile.


Having a porous surface does not guarantee an ideal painting surface. Unfortunately, ordinary paint is not ideal to be used outside on tiles, especially if it is being stepped on.  


However, if the tile has a sealed or has a glazed surface, I don't advise painting it as it will not last long and start to chip away. The only way to paint this type of surface is to deglaze the surface mechanically or with chemicals. Even then the surface of the tile will no longer be level and painting over it will not hide the damaged, uneven surface.


If you have any other questions we can help with, please let us know.




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