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Whole of House

Help for projects that encompass the entire house
Having an Impact
22 replies

Hi There - I am building a bench seat for my dining table and bought these legs - ...

Just Starting Out
3 replies

Hello, I am Fatema. I want to learn to make a rotating bookshelf like this from scratch. I live near Lidcomb Bunnings. What basic skills should I st ...

Just Starting Out
3 replies

Hi, I previously had to retile a small area of my laundry that used to have the hot water heater. Due to passage of time from when it was originall ...

Getting Established

Has anyone mounted or drilled into these panels? Any issues with them splitting or cracking?

Community Newcomer

Hi, my first post. I have done some DIY jobs in the past including a kitchen reno and a complete deck to name a couple- but this time I am actually lo ...

Becoming a Leader
5 replies

So, I bought this house that had the front entrance on a 2nd level on the back of the house. Obviously not ideal, especially when it came to deliverie ...

Building a Reputation
3 replies

Is the feature wall paint outdated? What feature wall color to go for lexicon quarter white in bedrooms and living. I have 5 bedrooms & 1 living. Any ...

Community Newcomer

Hello, I have noticed what looks like a friction point mark on my laminate flooring and have tried everything to try and get rid of it but can’t. I am ...

Just Starting Out
5 replies

Looking to install a timber (or look alike) ceiling into rear deck on Queenslander, which has four different slopes. Have to make it possum proof. Raf ...

Just Starting Out
1 reply

I'm having trouble removing these door handles for painting, I believe the gold base plate screws off on one side (there's no hole with a pin and the ...

Just Starting Out
1 reply

What would be the profesional way of securing these 2 ends? in a stronger method perphaps?

Finding My Feet
2 replies

Changed look of bare brick house with a 20Kg bag of hydrated lime from Bunnings! We had to do work on the roof so did have that one professionally pai ...

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