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replacement of galvanised water pipes

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replacement of galvanised water pipes

Hi , can anyone tell me if I can replace my water supply from galvanised pipe to polyethylene pipe blue line, from mains supply under ground to amenities around the house 

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Re: replacement of galvanised water pipes

Hi @ken2 and a warm welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community. It's fantastic to have you join us and we trust you'll be inspired and educated by our clever and creative members. Feel free to post anytime you need a hand or have something to share with others. 


This sounds like a job for a professional plumber, but let me tag some helpful members in @Former Workshop member, @JDE, @redracer01 and @LePallet to see if they might like to kick off the discussion and share their thoughts. 


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Re: replacement of galvanised water pipes

Hello @ken2 


Using blue line pipe is ok to use from the meter to the house. However you must use a more permanent fixture from the front of your house going in. Blue line pipe uses Philmac fittings and they deteriorate over time, this is why it is easy to fit and remove and replace. They are usually installed in an exposed setting outside walls or just buried under ground. You can get to it with minimal effort. Fittings in the wall present a whole new challenge. It must maintain its strength and must provide a solid seal against water leaks. Grey crimp on fittings with aluminum collars, smartex fittings, sharkbite and other brands provide easy push on fittings with dependable reliability and provide good service. We can't ignore traditional copper as a tried and tested replacement for galvanized fittings. It will all depend on your budget and how your going to go about replacing your fittings. Good luck and stay safe.




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