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The key to styling your home

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The key to styling your home is prioritising what makes you happy, says budding interior designer Mariana Tedim. 


“Be true to yourself. It’s fine to follow trends but also remember to do what you love,” she advises.


Known as @lifestylebymari in the Bunnings Workshop community, Mariana actively exchanges D.I.Y. and styling advice with members and has also shared several projects of her own.

The 26-year-old reveals her love for styling interiors started at a young age.


“I have always been obsessed with everything interiors. Even as a little girl, I spent a lot of time styling my room and shopping at homeware stores,” she recounts. Mariana loves creating beautiful and practical spacesMariana loves creating beautiful and practical spaces


Mariana is currently pursuing a diploma in interior design while working part-time at a furniture store.

“My aim is to help people create their dream space through thoughtful design, planning and styling. I enjoy creating beautiful and useful spaces that have a purpose.”

Hands-on learning

An avid D.I.Y. enthusiast, Mariana views every project as a “new challenge” that allows her to learn new skills.

“I love challenging myself throughout the entire D.I.Y. process. The best part is when I finally finish the project and see what I have created. It feels pretty rewarding,” she says.


Mariana was introduced to the world of D.I.Y. by her family.


“Most of my family members work in the construction industry and have built their own houses. Plus, I have a very knowledgeable and hands-on dad. Being a curious person by nature, I have learnt a lot from all of them over time," she says.


"I am also very determined to overcome challenges by myself without having to depend on anyone. That’s how I grew my skills and D.I.Y. knowledge,” she adds.


Mariana tackled her first D.I.Y project after she bought a new home with her boyfriend.


“Right after we moved in, we realised we needed a new dining table. I couldn’t find anything that I liked and anything similar was too expensive, so I decided to upcycle our existing table,” she explains.


Believing in the process

Mariana has since completed many D.I.Y. projects, including a tiled side table and a D.I.Y window nook. Both these projects have become popular among the Workshop community. She is currently building a study desk.Mariana's D.I.Y. window nookMariana's D.I.Y. window nook


“From my first D.I.Y. project till now, I have learnt that I can achieve anything that I set my mind to. Things will constantly challenge you but what matters is trying your best and believing in the process.” 

When attempting any new project, Mariana says safety should always be on top of mind.

“Prioritise safety above all else. Make sure you give yourself enough time to research. Finally, enjoy the process with an open mind,” she advises.


Mariana explains she has designed her real-life workshop at home keeping her process and needs in mind. 


"I have split my workshop in three sections. Firstly, there's my desk area. This is where I come up with ideas and create designs. There's also my cupboard where I keep all my different paints, pots and brushes. Finally, I have a section where I store different machines," she says.  


A passion for nature and upcycling


Mariana currently lives in Melbourne's south-west suburbs. In her free time, she loves spending time with her family and her dog Lilo. She also enjoys being outdoors, especially by the beach.

Mariana adds she often turns to nature for inspiration when designing projects.

“I am originally from Portugal. The stunning beauty of the country has always been a massive inspiration and I love incorporating it in my personal design projects. My entire design concept revolves around lifestyle, practicality and sustainability. These are all very important factors for me and I love applying them into projects. That is why I love refurbishing furniture,” she explains.

Besides her dining table, Mariana has upcycled several other pieces of furniture, including a mosaic tile table and a tallboy

“I love upcycling. It is an amazing opportunity to give a second lease of life to something old and unused. Plus, it is a great feeling to save something from going to landfill,” she says. 

When asked for her top upcycling tips, Mariana emphasises the importance of planning and preparation.

“Never skip step one when flipping furniture. Things like cleaning and sanding are very important as they can make a huge difference to the final product,” she says. Sanding and cleaning are key when upcycling, says MarianaSanding and cleaning are key when upcycling, says Mariana

Whenever she hits a snag on a project, Mariana says taking a break always helps. 

“I stop working and walk away to refresh my mind. I come back when I’m feeling inspired again. That usually helps me to finish the project.”


Exchanging D.I.Y. tips and ideas with the community


Mariana says she enjoys asking questions and sharing D.I.Y tips and advice with other members of the Bunnings Workshop community.

“I initially joined Bunnings Workshop because I thought it was a great platform to share my projects. Over time, I discovered that the community was made of many like-minded D.I.Y. enthusiasts who are open to exchanging advice and information.”

Mariana encourages all members to reach out and seek advice from one another when they encounter any challenges in their project.


“No one is considered better than the other within the community and no question or idea is invalid. I think the respect that all members have for one another is the best part of the community. It is like a family.”


Mariana Tedim's top styling tips:

1. Ensure all your style elements work cohesively. Nothing should stand out in a bad way. They should all look like they're part of one family.

2. Artwork and greenery can make a significant difference when styling any room.

3. Don’t forget to think about how small decoration items like books, candles and vases can work in your space.

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Community Manager

Thanks so much for sharing your story with the Bunnings Workshop community Mariana (@lifestylebymari). We love having you share your stylish and creative projects, as well as your wonderful advice with other members.




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