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Bathroom renovation project - Knock 'em down to build them up again

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Bathroom renovation project - Knock 'em down to build them up again






With the gate done we now move indoors. The bathroom layout is kind of weird at the moment. We have a bath and a vanity in one room. In the other, we have the toilet. Then in the washhouse, we have the shower.

The original plan was to knock out the wall between the toilet and the bathroom, rotate the toilet 90º, then move the shower into the enlarged bathroom. On reflection, it looks like the shower will take too much space. We've decided on another plan.

We'll move the vanity opposite the toilet. We'll replace the toilet with a smaller footprint one which should move it closer to the wall. We'll then replace the bath with a larger one and put a rain head shower over the bath. We'll move the taps for the bath from the end to the side.

I prefer this new plan, and to be honest this is what I suggested from the outset. The benefits are numerous.
First, we will get more space. By not having a dedicated shower we will save 900mm square. That's a lot of space when you think about it. By moving the vanity to opposite the toilet, we make access to the window easier. Not that we need it because we will be adding a fan/light unit.

By having the taps at the side of the bath we make it more comfortable for those kinky nights in the tub with the missus. No more taps in the back or neck. It also makes it easier to get to the taps when filling the bath for Little Wookie.

By having a rain head then it just makes for a better shower experience. All that water flowing over you instead of whatever decides to reach you is in my mind nicer. Getting wet all at once rather than piece by piece, with revolving to get a full cover just makes sense.
And last, but by no means least, it just makes the room more practical. It also frees up more space in the washhouse for better washing machine and dryer access. We'll also be able to move the switchboard into that room and get it out of the hallway.

The thing with all these plans is they are pretty easy to make but at the same time just make everything so better. I'm looking forward to this project. But, I'm under no illusion that this is going to be a cheap change. The plumber on his own is going to be most of the cost. Funnily enough, that's the reason I wanted to become a plumber.

We've pretty much reached where we can do it all by ourselves so the rest of the finishing can't be done until the plumber comes in. So it's going to look like this for a wee while:


















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Bunnings Team Member

Re: Knock 'em down to build them up again

Well, it didn't take you long to get started on the inside @woodenwookie.


That's the benefit of living in a house before purchasing it; you realise the functional issues that need fixing.


I'm really looking forward to seeing your project come together. Please remember to let us know if you need any help.


Many thanks for sharing.




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