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Built in Bath

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Built in Bath

Do you need to mortar in a drop in bath? Some people have said to use foam, mortar and some have said just put some battens in.


Thanks in advance.


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Community Manager

Re: Built in Bath

Hi @koraxis,


Welcome to Workshop. Great to see you make your first post. Looks like it's an exciting time for you with a bathroom renovation project! We are looking forward to seeing your progress. 


Let me tag a couple of very experienced members in @ProjectPete and @gippslandhome who might like to share their thoughts on the bath installation.




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Re: Built in Bath

Good morning @koraxis 


Always refer to the manufacturer or ask where you bought the bath from.


I've used both expanda foam and a concrete mix for the base.


Best to do a little research through the supplier or manufacturers recommendation..

All the best 


Kind regards Rob 👍😁

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