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Cold water tap not working in shower

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Cold water tap not working in shower

I can turn the cold water tap on but no cold water actually comes out. There are no groaning or knocking sounds coming from the pipes so I'm not sure what's going on... any ideas or should I call in the plumber straight away? I'm getting pretty sick of waking up to a scalding hot shower every day. 

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Re: Cold water tap not working in shower

Could be an air lock in the cold water pipe, try turning the cold water tap on full then turn the hot water tap on and try and block the hot water flowing out of the head (you may be able to block most of the flow with a towel) this will force hot water up the cold pipe and hopefully remove the air lock.
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Re: Cold water tap not working in shower


G'day Jacko

If you have the new ceramic tapware, skip this reply, but if you have the older style tapware, it could be a sticky tap washer.

I've had it happen a couple of times, & as yours is the cold water tap, you're in luck.

Simply turn off the water at your meter, remove the tap handle & body of your shower tap to expose the washer. With the plastic bodied washer fitting, the spindle can bend if someone's turned the tap off too hard. The brass bodied tap washer ones can get calcium build up on the spindle which can cause them to stick.

Replace the washer if needed, but be careful that you open the valve at the meter slowly to prevent water hammer.

Hope this helps.

Re: Cold water tap not working in shower

Thanks @Wayne and @Andy_Mann - I was in a bit of a rush this morning so had to settle for the hot, hot, hot shower but I'll take a look tonight.

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