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Covering old linoleum flooring

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Covering old linoleum flooring

I've just moved into my first home and am doing a few jobs to freshen it up a little. I'm planning to redo the bathroom properly in a few years when I can afford it, so I was just planning to give the walls a fresh coat of paint and call it a day. Unfortunately, what I didn't remember from my visits was this ugly flooring. Given that I'm going to redo things in not all that long I don't want to faff about with waterproofing etc, but was wondering if there are any simple ways I can cover it up? I've seen a couple of people talk about painting flooring, does this actually work long term or will it just wear off? Seems a bit dodge to me.


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Re: Covering old linoleum flooring

Hello @gizzygal 


I would rather suggest to put another sheet of lino on top of the existing one. However there are certain conditions that must be met in order for this to work.


1. The current lino must be in good condition. No tearing, bubbling, flaking, cuts or the like.

2. The current  lino must not be pinned or cut in such a way as it is being held in place by a bathroom overflow waste. 

3. The current floor area must be easy enough for you to lay down new lino without having to take out any of the appliances in the bathroom. ( vanity, toilet, pedestal basin etc. )


A thorough clean must be performed on the old lino lino and a light sand performed to facilitate the adhesion of the new lino. You can either use sticky back lino with adhesive already on it. It comes in squares and easily laid out. You can use ordinary lino in rolls but you would need to buy contact adhesive to keep it down. The other option of course is to remove the old lino and just put new lino on. The choice is yours.



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Re: Covering old linoleum flooring

Hi @gizzygal,


To add to @redracer01's helpful response, you might like to consider Hybrid Vinyl Planks. They come with the underlay already attached and don't need to be glued down. You should find this step-by-step guide useful: How To Lay Vinyl Planks.


I recently replaced some horrible old lino roll that was in my laundry. It wasn't stuck down to the concrete, so didn't even think I might need to glue down the new lino. It's been around six months now, and I haven't seen it moving or curling at the edges. The only fixing I actually did was a cover strip on the door entrance.






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