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Do you need two doors between a bathroom and kitchen?

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Do you need two doors between a bathroom and kitchen?

Hi please can anyone give me some advice.. Is there a 2 door rule with regards to having a bathroom only consisting of a toilet and small sink near the kitchen or is 1 door now allowed ?. Thank you. I would appreciate some guidance

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Re: bathroom near kitchen

Welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community @snookyj. It's wonderful to have you join us, and many thanks for your question about bathroom requirements.


It's my understanding that there are exceptions to the two-door rule, allowing you to have one door. The additional requirements are that there must be one door, the bathroom must have a sink within it, and you must meet all other requirements for plumbing, including fixture spacing, ventilation and drainage. You'll need to verify with the Building Code of Australia.


HEALTH AND AMENITY Location of sanitary compartments

Sanitary compartments must not open directly into a kitchen or pantry unless—

(a) access is by an airlock, hallway or other room, (see Figure; or
(b) the room containing the closet pan is provided with mechanical exhaust ventilation installed in accordance with Part 3.8.5.
Performance Requirement P2.4.5 is satisfied for a mechanical ventilation system if it is installed in accordance with AS 1668.2—Mechanical ventilation for acceptable indoor air quality, except that any contaminated air from a sanitary compartment or bathroom must—

(a) exhaust directly to outside the building by way of ducts; or
(b) exhaust into the roof space provided—
(i) it is adequately ventilated by open eaves, and/or roof vents; or
(ii) the roof is clad in roofing tiles without sarking or similar materials which would prevent venting through gaps between tiles.


I'd encourage you to employ the services of a qualified tradesperson to assess your plans before committing to any projects. 


Please let me know if you have any questions.




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