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Hi there - Have struck another problem.  Looking at renovating the bathroom now.  We've found out that the cement floor has been renovated at some stage in its life and the amateur concreters have poured the concrete right to the ground.  It was timber floor to start with and they must have taken that out and just poured a load of concrete into the hole.  My house is built fairly close to the ground but if you look under the house from the driveway, you can see that the rough concrete is piled up under the bathroom.  I am now going to have my bathroom renovated - the works, everything out including asbestos wall lining.  The piping must have been put in beforehand and it is now covered up under this load of concrete with the pipes just sticking out at the side.  Anyone struck this problem before?  If so, what did you do?

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Re: Flooring

I'd get expert advice from a plumber @Di1 - good waterproofing and plumbing are worth the investment!


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