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How do i remove a bathtub spout?

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How do i remove a bathtub spout?

I have tried putting WD40 and twisting it off but it won’t budge. It doesn’t look  like it has a set screw. What else can I do?


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Re: How do i remove a bathtub spout?

Welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community @Andrea39. It's great to have you join us and many thanks for your question.


What tool are you using as it looks to be slipping? Normally you'll get the best grip with some curved jaw locking pliers. If you tighten them and use some force to clamp them down onto the spout they should provide a good grip. Multigrip pliers can tend to slip because there rely on how hard you can grip the two handles together whilst turning. You could also insert a large screwdriver into the end of the spout and try using it to assist turning whilst using the pliers.


If that spout turns down close to 90 degrees you could slip some Brasshards 25 x 300mm Galvanised Pipe or similar over the spout for leverage. You'd need to find some pipe that would allow it to slip over the spout.


Failing any of that working you could file two flat spots into the base of the spout right next to that cover plate. That would allow you to use a large adjustable spanner.


Let me mention the fantastic @redracer01 to see if he has some ideas as well.




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Re: How do i remove a bathtub spout?


Hello @Andrea39 


Below is a picture of a pipe wrench that you can trap the spout in and lean on the tool to twist. However a word of caution. The pipe connection inside your wall is fixed in with nails that is attached to timber studs. Should you use excessive force not only will you twist the spout but the connecting pipe inside the wall as well. You will feel this as you turn the wrench, It feels like bending soft copper pipe. 




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