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How to fix dark spots on ceiling?

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How to fix dark spots on ceiling?


 bathroom - no mould previously 


bedroom - previous had some mould but cleaned it and repainted. 


Hi there!


Hope this message finds everyone well.

I was wondering if anyone can shred some light on what is happening to my ceiling in my bathroom & bedroom.


This is the 2nd time this has happen and I used dulux ceiling paint to paint both times. Installed in my bathroom is also an IXL 3 in one exhaust fan/heater.


The ceiling is getting darker and darker and the paint is starting to peel. I've noticed this in a few other rooms in my house. I've recently repainted the whole house 1.5 years ago. We used the paint as attached.


If someone can kindly shred some light on how to rectify this. It would be great.Screenshot_20230202_205306_Chrome.jpg

Thank you for the help x

Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: Bathroom ceiling dark shadows

Hello @penpan8988 


Thank you for sharing your question about your ceiling. If the mould infestation is not coming from the room, it is probably coming from the roof. The common cause of this slow type of mould is when rainwater enters from a leak in the roof and slowly spreads onto your ceiling gib. The leak is not strong or large enough to penetrate the gib, but it still gets everything wet. In the summertime, the moisture in the roof dries off and puts the mould into hibernation until the next bout of rain. This cycle eventually reaches a critical point and the mould eventually penetrates the ceiling gib.


I suggest engaging the services of a mould specialist to inspect the ceiling cavity. I don't recommend crawling into your ceiling cavity as there are electrical hazards and the ceiling frame is not strong enough to hold a full-grown adult. If you inspect the other rooms in your house you should be able to determine how far the damage has progressed.


If you have any other questions we can help with, please let us know.




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Re: How to fix dark spots on ceiling?

@EricL many thanks for your reply. 


I will hire a roof specialist :smile:

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