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How to remove screw with damaged screw head

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How to remove screw with damaged screw head


Hi! I was swapping out my bathroom accessories and have problem removing one existing screw which actually has a damaged screw head (and I probably made it worse by persistently trying to unscrew it). 

How do I get the screw out now?


Many thanks in advance. 

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Bunnings Team Member

Re: How to remove screw with damaged screw head

Hello @ee


Thank you for sharing your query about how to remove a screw with a damaged screw head.


One technique to remove a screw with a damaged head is to place a rubber band on top of the screw and place your drill on top of the rubber band and turn. The second option is to use 200mm Combination Pliers. Grab the head of the screw and use it to turn the head until it is halfway out. Once there is enough to hold on to, you can then remove the rest of the screw by hand. The third option is to use Sutton Tools No2 Easy Out Extractor Screw Set


It often happens that the drill fastening bits we use get rounded and provide no grip or sometimes destroys the head of the screw. I suggest using hardened fastening bits like the Ryobi 50mm PH2 Impact Driving Bits - 2 Pack. It has hardened tips and is rated to last three times longer than ordinary ones.


If you need further assistance, please let us know.




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