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How to undo circular bathroom tap?

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How to undo circular bathroom tap?


I'm trying to fix a leaking tap but can't seem to unscrew it. Unfortunately it's circular in design making it difficult to grip it. 

I've tried applying WD40 but it won't budge. 

I also made sure there wasn't anything under the basin locking it in place. 

Does anyone have any ideas?


Thanks in advance


Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: How to undo circular bathroom tap?

Hi @lesismore,


Tapered flanges can be notoriously hard to remove as there is nothing flat to grip onto. You might like to read through these previous discussions for some tips and tricks: Plumbing issue - unable to unscrew faucet flange by @AndrewL and Tap Bonnet dramas by @timjeffries. The Haron 160mm Strap Wrench assisted @AndrewL in winning his battle, so that might be worth a try. Alternatively, something with crushing potential like straight jaw pliers could work, though it will probably scratch the surface. You could try wrapping several layers of tape around the flanges to minimise the damage. Destructively removing them might be your only choice if they have seized. You can replace them with Shaw & Mason White Easy Clean Top Assembly Tap Set.


Please let me know if you have any questions or need further assistance.




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Re: How to undo circular bathroom tap?

Hello @lesismore 


I suspect that there is calcium build up inside the cover plate and it has welded it self to the spindle body. Perhaps some CLR dropped inside and some around the bottom in a soaked rag might soften it up a bit. You may also try using a piece of timber and try to "tap" the body and loosen the cover flange. Fair to say that if you tap too strongly you will damage the cover. The goal is to loosen it a bit and so that you may facilitate its removal. Taking @MitchellMc 's recommendation a Haron strap wrench just might be the ticket to get that flange off. Worst case scenario will be to use vise grips and pinch the flange and force it off. Damage will result using this tool and you may need to get a new basin set.




Screenshot_2021-04-27 Haron 100mm Strap Wrench.png

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