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Mounting Showerbase to floor in bathroom

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Mounting Showerbase to floor in bathroom


Super slow progress on shower!


I've almost finished rendering around shower, then I'll waterproof floor and walls.


I've left a return in the render so that the showerbase returns into the wall.


I will silicon around the lip of showerbase and the waterproofed rendered wall.


My question is what to use under the showerbase; to adhere it in place and raise it slightly?

I've worked out I need to raise the front edge about 7-9mm so that the drop allows water to drain properly.

I need to raise it about 7-9mm along the curved front edge (its a curved showerbase as you can see from the photo).


What should I use?


Normally they say use 'screed' under shower bases. I don't have much experience laying screed but also I only need a thin base under 10mm and with screed the suggestion is more like 40-80mm thick, otherwise it might just crack.


I'm thinking of using 'Builders bog'


but I need about 7litres (7000cm3) in order to allow for a 4-8mm layer across the entire showerbase.


I wondered about using this Concrete bog:


or this Dunlop rapidset mortar:


any tips?




Nealunderside of showerbaseunderside of showerbaseHardiesheet floor and rendered walls where the showerbase will sitHardiesheet floor and rendered walls where the showerbase will sit

Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: Mounting Showerbase to floor in bathroom

Apologies for the slow reply @Neal_H.


I'm sure @EricL will be happy to share his thoughts when he is back on the site this evening. In the meantime, let me also tag @tom_builds@Noyade and @JDE.




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Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: Mounting Showerbase to floor in bathroom

Hello @Neal_H


My apologies for the late reply. Thanks for sharing that question about mounting your shower base to your bathroom floor. 


In order for you to mount your shower tray at the level that you want, we need to address the leveling part first. It becomes a bit more challenging as you have a curved shower tray. Ordinarily, I would suggest building some formwork to the height that you want. I recommend using Dingo 20kg Self-Levelling Cement or a similar product. This product can be mixed to a very fluid consistency that will leave the surface level smooth and hard. But, for thicker applications, Dingo Self-Levelling Cement can be applied in layers with each layer being no more than 25mm thick. 


Due to the shape of your shower tray, you will have to specially make the formwork using very thin Plywood. The shower tray manufacturer usually has a recommended adhesive to use when fixing it to a cement floor. Please refer to the documentation that came with your shower tray. I would not recommend using Turbo 1 Litre Concrete Bog as it's aimed more towards cement repair. Using Dunlop 5kg Ardit Rapidset Repair Mortar is a viable product however, it has a very short handling period.


Please keep us updated with your progress, we look forward to seeing your shower tray installed.


If you need further information, please let us know.




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Re: Mounting Showerbase to floor in bathroom

Hi @Neal_H,


If I were you I'd go for a bed of mortar, at 8mm thick. You could use a standard premix mortar instead of the rapidset to give you extra time to ensure everything is levelled off before it starts to go off.


You'll want a fairly thick mix that holds it form can be worked into the right shape with a trowel.


I found this video that may be of use for you.


Best of luck with your project!  

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